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Our Story

Chicklets and Bananas inspired by my Mom - she loved to shop!  She was my first introduction to the world of fashion and design. I was that kid in class that always had the most trendy clothes, always seemed to have the "in-thing" before everyone else knew it was even a thing - that was me, thanks, Mom!

Speed ahead many years later and after many different attempts at finding myself, I landed a job as a buyer for one of the major department stores - I discovered my calling - shopping shopping shopping - uh no no no - numbers numbers numbers.  What, I need to be sharp in math, Houston...we have a problem!  Luckily my acute fashion sense and nose of finding the next big thing, I was able to reel in the big dollars, and the numbers took care of themselves.  But I wasn't HAPPY, and I was spending more time with the paperwork and less time doing the shopping - they didn't understand, they thought selecting product was simple and that people would buy anything!

My ah hah moment (thanks, Oprah!) was when I realized I could and should do this for myself.  It was time to take my destiny into my own hands and sell what I bought, - search out those trends, get the sharpest price for my customers and continue to SHOP SHOP SHOP - so that is what I do every day and I couldn't be happier!  

Chicklets & Bananas is now a vibrant community of treasurer hunters dedicated to bringing people and taste-masters modern and unexpected products from around the world and we all have one thing in common - we love to SHOP!  


(I think I need to rework this - a little long for an elevator speech - oh well, I will do it later, I am off to Shop!)