Plastic Bags vs Reusable Grocery Bags

Plastic Bags vs Reusable Grocery Bags

Did you know that the United States & Canada spends millions of dollars every single year on recycling and landfill costs for producing paper and plastic bags?


Many people are oblivious to the idea of how harmful plastic and paper bags are to our earth and how it affects it. The production of paper and plastic bags has also contributed to global warming, causing the earth to warm up significantly faster. Plastic and paper bags also contribute to many other negative consequences to human and animal life, such as overflow of landfills, harm to wildlife and marine life, flooding, contribution to liter, hazardous to children, and contamination.

If you would like to assist the earth in creating a safer and cleaner environment for all walks of life, consider switching to using reusable grocery bags.

There are so many different ways you can create your own reusable grocery bags, such as buying cheap reusable grocery bags, use a reusable tote bag, and or purchase your own large reusable shopping bag. 

Reusing your own shopping bags are one of the smartest things that you can do not just for yourself, but for the earth.

Earth has been slowly depleting over the years. There have been a number of contributing factors to the planet’s depleting health. The main contributing factor to the earth’s negative health status has much to do with the contribution of greenhouse gases.

The more the landfills get over packed with plastic and or paper bags, the more greenhouse gases are observed and the more toxic gasses that are later released into the atmosphere. In addition, the manufacturers who produce these plastic and paper bags also release toxic chemicals that that ends up in the earth’s environment.

It is very important that people are more aware of what they are contributing every time they decide to purchase a paper and plastic bag. 

In order to decrease the harsh consequences of pollution and or toxic wastes in our earth, you should be sure to stop buying paper and plastic bags when shopping. Consider switching over to reusable bags.

There are so many different types of cheap reusable grocery bags and large reusable shopping bags that you can grab at many grocery stores. Overall, using reusable bags are extremely beneficial for both yourself and the environment. You will be saving a significant amount of money in the long run and it’s more eco-friendly.

 Reusable bags can be used for your shopping every single time you shop, for many years out.

My favorite is the reusable bags from Fashion Design To Go - they easily attach to your knapsack, yoga bag or it your purse - easy peasy to help the environment!


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