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Electronic Slime - WTFish!

Have you been Kondoized - I have been addicted to the new Netflix series and I can tell you my home and organized life (kinda - still working on it) has not been cleaner - my local thrift shop is enjoying an uplift in donations - you know you have been going there too often when they know you by name!

In my endeavor to get more organized for 2019, I decided to try this electronic cleaning slime that I had sitting on my desk waiting for me to try and determine if we should carry it in the store. - WTFish, this stuff is FANTASTIC!

To be perfectly honest, I have been delaying trying it, I was a little worried that it might make a mess of my keyboard and then I would be f..ked!  Well, it didn't and it works like a charm - so good in fact, I started cleaning every nook and crevices that I could find!

Electronic Slime is a patented high tech non-toxic and biodegradable slime cleaning compound.  It is effective at removing 99.99% harmful particles that live on everyday surfaces and it is fun and easy to use.

Electronic Slime will not migrate to other surfaces and is reusable, just simply fold over the slime compound after each use and the debris is microencapsulated into the cleaning slime compound - use it over and over!

This stuff really impressed me, so I decided to take some home - I tried it on my remote controls, buttons on the gaming consoles, stereo equipment - I have been sliming everything! 

I never knew that slime would bring me such joy! 



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